About Us

American Pouch Converters is a manufacturer of pouches for various industries. Whether you're seeking a contract manufacturer to convert your film into pouches or you need a turn-key source to handle all aspects of the process, we're here for you.

Our company was founded by Jim Andrasic, a Disabled American Veteran and Tom LaBarge, a Lifelong CPA and food manufacturing professional to provide a valuable packaging source for all size customers. APC was formed after a clear message seem to come over the converting industry... Customers who wanted a simple choice weren't getting the product they were promised. After losing an account due to a manufacturing error, Jim's wife simply said... Why don't you start making packaging yourself again? Jim called Tom and Tom said... Absolutely!


We come from small town America and understand what it takes to provide the level of service we all miss. Our team has extensive experience in the packaging and food industry and we realize the importance of great service. Their success comes from staying connected with the customer and never losing sight of where they come from. American Pouch Converters is a veteran and disabled veteran friendly company and it's just one example of how we can repay the debt of service these brave men and woman deserve. At APC, we live by the hand shake and our word is our honor. We will stand by what we do!

Mission Statement

American Pouch Converters is a company fiercely devoted to the success of our customers, employees, suppliers and community. Our mission is to be the rock solid source for our customer’s flexible pouch converting and packaging requirements. We will be the catapult that excels them into further growth and success by being a powerful partner who treats them like family! We will not lose sight of the fact that we have a bigger mission at hand than our own success. Our management team is the sword and shield for our customers and protectors of the values we grip tight to. Our employees are our warriors who will fight for our customer’s success and growth as valiantly as they do for our own. We will accept no less than unwavering dedication within our business and we will enhance the lives of our customers and employees. We will forge forward through the storms of business as dedicated as we do during the extraordinary times. Our impeccable quality, razor sharp service and state of the art technology will be the high octane fuel that propels us to a new dimensions as a company.  Words will be followed by impacting actions that will benefit all those that come in contact with our company.

We are American Pouch Converters!


Our customers and our dedicated team members are the two most important aspects of business. Our team members are the "warriors", as we call them, that work tirelessly for the success of our customers and our company. Without them, we couldn't do what we do. They are constantly deepening their packaging knowledge and that shows in the incredible work they do each and every day. No matter the task at hand, they are always striving for better. They want to be involved in every step of the process to ensure they have a full understanding of our customers product and needs. When you visit us you will meet our team members and get a hands on overview of how we manufacture your quality products. If you have a question on anything regarding your products or order, you will have direct contact with all of our team members. We want you to feel like you're part of our team as much as feel we're part of yours.

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