Child Resistant Pouches - Made right here in the USA
Intelli-Pouch RFID capable and API ready! (We provide you an analytics dashboard you control)
If you're already using an RFID program, our Intelli-Pouch can fully integrate with your system to provide or gather data your system is not. We can gather any RFID data that is being tracked and recorded and attach it to the data Intelli-Pouch is gathering. We can also talk to your RFID system and report the data Intelli-Pouch is collecting and tracking.
Go beyond the sale! (Engage and educate your consumers about your brand)
Consumer engagement along with the quality of your products are what keep your customers coming back. In today's marketplace, the consumer wants to know how the products they're consuming were grown, raised and processed. They want transparency and they want access to that information now. This is where we expanded the capabilities of the Intelli-Pouch for you! Your consumer can gain immediate access to whatever part of your process you want them to learn about. Dates, times, places, who, what, where and when so to speak.  Your Marketing Department is going to love you for this part. You'll know exactly what is being looked at before and after the pouch leaves the shelf, what product is doing better in what geographical area and why. When mixed with your custom built landing site by your company, can can engage and market to a pin-pointed consumer. They'll feel like they're part of your brand and there's nothing more powerful than consumer brand loyalty.
Anti-Counterfeit (Overt and Covert) Protect what you built
Every full function Intelli-Pouch has a unique cryptographically secure serialization code printed right into the pouch that is completely tamper-proof and cannot be copied without you knowing immediately. Your customers will be able to authenticate your product even before purchasing it and when they do, you'll know it. If it's a counterfeit or someone as tried to copy your packaging, Intelli-Pouch will instantly notify you and the consumer. ALL THIS IS DONE IN REAL-TIME
Instant product location in the event of a recall
Should you or a regulatory agency find an issue with your product, you'll know exactly where every pouch is on every shelf in every location. Recalls are handled immediately and you do not have to wonder if your product was "maybe" sold at this or that location. You'll know it!
Protect your Consumers!          Protect your Brand! 
Protect your Product!           Stay Compliant!
Intelli-Pouch truly is your product and it was specifically designed to help your business and educate your customers! Contact us today and explore what no pouch has ever explored before!
Intelli-Pouch - Anti-Counterfeit & Authentication
We didn't stop there! We couldn't just provide a pouch and not the added technology to support it. No, not us! Intelli-Pouch and Intelli-Tag can prevent your brand from being counterfeited with our secure printing and each and every pouch or label as a unique serialization code built into it. Intelli-Pouch is also a consumer engagement technology that allows you to communicate with consumers. 
Endless Possibilities and Capabilities!
Whether your products need a custom printed Child Resistant Pouch with a Press & Seal or Slider, we have options to cover all of your child safety regulatory needs. We manufacture all styles of CR pouches. Stand-up, 3-Side Seal, Box Bottom, Bottom Load and CR Delivery Pouches.
When you work with APC, you have access to the largest pouch manufacturer in America! You have 100% control over every aspect of your custom made pouch. We realize our valued customers need a small run custom printed option, so we offer, NO Minimum Custom Digital Print, on all of our pouch styles. When going with a digital option, there are no added charges for plates, no labels, no minimums on multiple SKUs and no excess inventory, which frees up your valuable capital!
Why we did it!
Our US Manufactured and Child Resistant Pouches with Lab Certified Child Resistant Zipper (Press & Seal or Slider) were developed for industries that are required or desire to provide their products to consumers in child resistant, safe, smell proof, multi-layered packaging. We've been making CR pouches since before it was "cool" to do so! 
How we did it! (These are made here!)
Our mission was to create a higher-level of packaging that supported highly regulated industries and CPGs at all levels, regardless of the product being put into the pouch. We challenged ourselves to do exactly that in a way never seen before. Our state-of-the-art quality control technology sets us apart from other pouch makers and importers. 
We manufacturer everything in house in the USA!
Contact Us and learn how Itelli-Pouch will change the way you do business.
This is the most intelligent child resistant pouch available and it's here to solve problems.
Enhance your supply chain management, engage consumers and streamline your business. 

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